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Grooming Mini Series

Airedale Grooming Made Easy!

Groom your beautiful big terrier at home and save thousands of dollars, while giving your dog the best care... The M...

$34.97 CAD

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Pre-Grooming Puppy Prep

Prepare your puppy! There is nothing worse when trying to groom your puppy and they are wiggling, struggling and poss...

$10.95 CAD

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Sheltie Grooming Made Easy...

Groom your Shetland Sheepdog at home and keep them in top shape.  The Most Comprehensive Sheltie Grooming Serie...

$21.95 CAD

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Westie Grooming Made Easy...

Learn to put a stylish pet clip on your Westie with our step by step Mini Series... The Most Comprehensive Westie Gr...

$34.95 CAD

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How To Trim Dog Nails

What "Every Dog Owner Ought to Know About Clipping their Dogs Nails"... This series is dedicated to all of the wonde...

$11.97 CAD

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Why Choose Our "Grooming Made Easy" Mini Series!

Essential Tools

We will update you on our newest tools, like our Grooming Portal Dog Nail Clippers! The best professional nail trimming experience for your dog, cat or small animal. Check us out on Amazon!

Video Tutorials and More!

Grooming Made Easy with our step by step, simple to follow online video tutorial mini series. Design specifically so pet owners can follow along and implement what they have learned, and then move on to the next video.

Easy Access Anywhere Anytime!

All in one place that you can access anywhere or anytime. No searching through YouTube videos for hours trying to find one that may work, no dvd's to loose or worry about scratching...simply login and voila!

Instructor Communication...

Have a question...not a problem! You can email the instructor or leave a message in the comment area and get feedback to any concerns.

Community Friendship and Support...

Join in on the comments area and meet like minded pet owners! Sharing experiences and knowlegde is a terrific way help out others and be a valuable member of a community.

Frustration Free...No Wasted Time!

Lessons are organized into Modules, so you can easily find exactly what section you are looking for. Not sure where you left off? A progress bar will indicate which lessons you have already viewed.