Westie Grooming Made Easy...

Learn to put a stylish pet clip on your Westie with our step by step Mini Series...

The Most Comprehensive Westie Grooming Series Ever!

Over 20 Easy to Follow, Step by Step Videos in this Westie Pet Clipping Mini Series!

  • Module 1:   Welcome
  • Module 2:   Brushing
  • Module 3:   Bathing
  • Module 4:   Drying
  • Module 5:   Grooming the Body
  • Module 6:   Grooming the Head
  • Module 7:   Ear Care

AND...our entire  Grooming Fundamentals  Mini Series

  • Module 1:  Welcome
  • Module 2:  Getting Prepared
  • Module 3:  Equipment and Supplies
  • Module 4:  Safety
  • Module 5:  Nail Care
  • Module 6:  Ear Care

Join A Community of Like Minded Pet Owners...

With an interactive community of other passionate pet owners and the instructor, you can discuss the topic at hand and share experiences.  So not to worry if you have any questions, we are here to help.

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Westie Grooming Made Easy...

Grooming your westie will be a snap with this step by step mini series...

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