About Us

At Grooming Portal ....We "Walk the Walk" and "Talk the Talk"

Our lives revolve around dogs 24-7. Whether it be in the grooming studio routinely styling up clients pets, shooting video footage for tutorials or taking care of our adopted husky pack, there is never a dull moment ... or one without a dog in it. What could be better?

Simple and Straight Forward: We want to share with you our years of knowledge, grooming secrets and bags of tricks on "How to Simply and Easily..."

  • Groom Your Pet ...and have them and you love it!
  • Whenever is Good For You... no need to stress about booking grooming appointments, fighting traffic and  unfavorable road conditions, or paying $$$ endless grooming fees...
  • In the Comfort of Your Pets Home... there is no place like home! Even the best grooming shops can be excessively noisy with a lot of commotion going on. Why make your pet uneasy if you don't need to?

 Come On ...I'll show you how!

 Sal the Groomin' Gal

Message From: Sally Swan CMG (Certified Master Groomer) and husband Rick, founders of Grooming Portal Ltd...

"First and foremost we totally understand and appreciate how precious your pet is to you and your family. Therefore we have gone to great lengths to provide step by step online easy to follow Breed Specific Pet Grooming Instructional Videos combined with Quality Pet Products, so you can...

"Safely and confidently give your pet the best of care...by you, their trusted and best friend!"


Behind the Scenes...A little bit About Us.... the Founders

Yes I have the "Crazy Dog Lady" decal adorning my fridge! ..which should read "Crazy Canine Couple" as we have always been deeply submerged in a dog lifestyle.

We love what we do. It is who we are!

Over 30 years experience in the Professional Pet Stylist Industry beautifying and caring for 1000's of clients 4-legged family members...just like yours

Doggy activities we have dabbled in ...

  • Obedience Training and Trials
  • Dog Showing and Grooming
  • Tracking
  • Agility
  • Dog Sledding and Dog Powered Sports...sledding, canicross, skijoring and scootering

Currently we share our home and ranch with 30 rescued and re-homed sled dogs and are dedicated to keeping them happy and healthy with Dog Powered Sports!

Skijoring with Two Amazing Huskies...who taught us "The Spirit of the Sled Dog!"

Moment of Truth

It is with great pleasure that we share the knowlegde we have acquired from over 30 years of experience helping and enhancing others and the lives of their pets by sharing what we know. The Moment of Truth is seeing your pictures, comments and testimonials about how excited "you" are after taking one of our courses!